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About me

Insynctive is a modular, white label, cloud based platform that automates the Pre-hire, Onboarding and provisioning process, drives employee validated data to our HRIS and Benefit Administration for small and large corporations plus we have a Marketplace of pre-integrated third party products and services like ADP Workforce Now. 

Our Value proposition is that we help benefits brokers compete against other tech brokers, cross-sell products and services, generate new income and helps your client companies avoid compliance challenges, reduce costs, allow them to offer a broader range of voluntary benefits including ones that reduce your long term costs around claims, and are configurable and as a result are rapidly deployable.  Insynctive helps corporations also improve employee morale which improves productivity, and improves the bottom line. 

Insynctive is part of the ADP Marketplace.  The ADP Marketplace group is very excited about the bi-directional and SSO integration to Workforce Now for companies with 50 to 1,000 employees.  There are 200K to 250K corporation clients that we are pre-integrated to.  The SAM is $100M MRR!  Now the market is driving Insynctive into bigger ADP clients where we will integrate to their solution called Vantage for corporations with 1,000 employees and greater.  By pre-integrating to ADP Vantage that is a $1B MRR SAM. 

We are starting to win new business and revenues are jumping to $20k MRR by July and quickly growing beyond.  We have beaten Paychex twice in head to head competition for their own user clients, Maxwell Health, EaseCentral and others. 

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Project Deadline:2018-10-31
Last Online: Oakland,USA


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