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Business Description (pronounced: “PETS-si-fied” LIKE Clas-si-fied) revolutionizes Consumer Centric Online Negotiation & Deal Management for the Pet Industry. Built as a SaaS e-Commerce One Stop Pet Marketplace, Powered by ViberTEX Inc. Consumers are able to Buy Now or BID now on Pet Products, Pet Services & Pet Classifieds. 13,000 Pet Products in Google Merchant Account approved from 63 Pet Vendors who approved PETSSified credit & accounts. Market Ready Platform. Proforma Revenues begin in month 13. Return on Investment at the end of Year 2. Seeking Equity Investor for Marketing.
1Target user or customer groups targeted

Every pet owner understands the responsibility and care that pets require. In addition, pets have sentimental value, with many pets being treated like an extended family member. The growing attachment and sense of care for their pets has made people go to great lengths to ensure the health and well-being of their pets including their nutritional, housing and grooming requirements. Pet owners also want to ensure that pet products and services are cost-effective and do not become a financial burden on them. Several pet lovers have to abandon their pets because they cannot afford the high prices of pet products and other costs associated with taking care of pets. will be the first online pet products marketplace where users can negotiate prices for products and services. The platform will provide users with a bidding system that allows them to place a bid on a price that suits their budget. The bidding system will approve/decline the bid based on an automated pricing analysis benchmark. will offer the largest variety of pet products brands and services to fulfill the needs of pet owners in USA and Canada. Pet owners can find and order their favorite brands and services from our registered website will be the only online pet products marketplace that utilizes a bidding system to offer the best prices to users. In addition, customers will be able to browse through a diverse catalog of products/services at lowest possible prices in one location. The wide range of pet products will be sourced from various vendors and brands from local and international markets. Moreover, pet stores/retailers can also directly source their supplies from the e-store. also facilitates industry participants as a marketing and promotional platform. Service providers and businesses can list as members on the platform to enhance their online web presence and market visibility. will guarantee quick order delivery using a dropship model. A complete dropship business model allows us to eliminate our warehousing and inventory management costs by transferring the onus on a fulfillment company. The fulfillment company takes responsibility for maintaining inventory and delivering directly to the customers. Not only does this speed up the delivery process, but it also improves operational efficiency.  

As the pet population is increasing, pet owners require access to affordable pet foods, products, supplies and services. We have the potential to capture a sizeable market share because of our unique bidding system that allows users to purchase products and services within their budgets while also allowing our platform to become a dominant price competitive leader in the market.

Online e-Commerce Pet Product & Pet Service & Pet Classified users

80% purchases done by the smart phone user.

Male 30% users online who purchase pet products for convenience and door step delivery

Female 70% users online who purchase pet products for convenience and door step delivery

2Target user or customer base or demand currently plaguing Location

Nationwide customer demand

Initially, pet owners in US and Canada will be able to access We will grow gradually and expand our services to other geographical regions. We want to create a global platform where pet owners can use the platform to purchase pet products of multiple brands and find the cost-effective services for their pets.

The target customer groups include:

·        Pet Owners | Pet Parents (B2C and C2B and C2C)

·        Pet Stores, Distributors, Manufacturer’s (B2B)

   Pets Services Providers (B2B)


Most American pet owners consider their pet their best friend, a notion supported by a comparison of the number of pet owners and the increase in pet retail sales: While the number of people living in households with at least one pet and the number of people who have shopped for pet supplies have been consistent over the last few years, consumers have been spending more and more money for their pets, thus boosting pet food retail sales in the United States. Most expenses for cats and dogs in American households are due to vet visits, however Americans like to spoil their pets as well; almost half as much is spent on treats, grooming and toys.

Quantitatively speaking, fish remarkably outnumber all other pets. However, dogs are still Americans’ favorite pets, as they are most prevalent within American households – closely followed by cats. Most Americans who grew up with pets stated that their childhood pet was a dog (again, closely followed by velvet paws). Both dogs and cats are preferably adopted from family members, friends or shelters.

The U.S. pet industry reached $86 billion in 2017 and continues to have a strong growth trajectory, according to a comprehensive new report by Packaged Facts titled U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2018-2019. While sales of pet products and services rose nearly 5% last year, threats of disruption keep industry players scrambling to adjust to a rapidly shifting market landscape.

In 2017, the e-commerce sales of pet care products grew by about 3.4 billion dollars, while traditional brick-and-mortar stores reported only about 317 million dollars in sales growth. Consumers also seem to be more likely to open marketing emails about pet and animal services than any other kind of marketing email. A recent survey among U.S. consumers found that the number of households to purchase pet products online has increased from about ten thousand in 2014 to nearly 15 thousand in 2016; further evidence of the growing popularity of this online market.


Strong pet food sales, continued humanization trends, and rising interest from pet owners in non-medical pet services all aligned in 2014 to produce a Canadian pet market with its highest growth in the last five years. A sluggish veterinary services category stood in stark contrast, with its continued decline in visits by pet owners. Continued uptake of premium and super premium products of non-medical pet services will drive sales in the Canadian pet market to $9.2 billion by 2019.

Overall Canada is home to roughly 5.9 million dogs and 7.9 million cats. Nine percent of Canadians owned other types of pets, including fish, birds, small mammals and herptiles. Higher income households ($100,000+) are 21% of the population account for 25% of pet owners in general.Jul 21, 2016

Revenue in the Pet Food segment amounts to US$1,476m in 2018. The market is expected to grow annually by 2.1% (CAGR 2018-2021).

This statistic shows the share of adults who own a pet in Canada as of May 2016, by type. During the survey, 33 percent of the respondents said that they owned at least one dog and 39 percent did not own any pets at all

·     Millennials take pet ownership seriously, creating all kinds of opportunities for brands that know how to reach them. By Mark Burgess.


Household spending on  pets and pet food was at $4.1 billion in 2015, according to Statistics Canada,  with spending on Veterinary and other services at about $3 billion

·       More than half — 52 per cent — of households in this country have a pet, according to the 2015 Canadian Pet Market Outlook prepared by consumer research firm Packaged Facts.

·        While the percentage of homes with pets hasn't really changed, the amount people are willing to shell out for them appears to be on the rise. It's estimated the Canadian pet industry is worth about $7 billion, including food, supplies and services, according to Packaged Facts' most recent report. This is up from $4.5 billion annually almost 15 years ago.

·        Spending on pets and pet food in Canadian households rang in at $4.1 billion in 2015, according to Statistics Canada.

·        On food alone, about $2.2 billion is spent each year, according to Packaged Facts.

·        And approximately 200,000 pets were insured in Canada in 2015, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.



According to Australian business magazine INTHEBLACK, pet supplies is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce sectors in Australia, which has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. Analytics Company SPS Commerce estimates that the online pet food market in Australia grew at an annualized rate of 16.6% between 2010 and 2015, compared to annualized growth of just 1.7% for the total pet food market during the same period.[1]


Consumer research company Kantar Worldpanel reports that raising pets has become increasingly popular in China, due to urbanization and changing lifestyles. E-commerce’s share of pet product sales is relatively high in China compared to most other regions. GfK estimates that e-commerce will grow its share of total pet product sales in the country from 38% in 2015 to 43% in 2016.


Euromonitor International estimates that the total value of the German pet care market will reach €4.3 billion (US$4.8 billion) in 2016, up 9.4% from 2011. According to pet product e-tailer Zooplus, around one-third of German households own one or more pets, and key trends in the country include the “humanization” of pets, increased spending on them and pet product e-commerce.


According to the UK’s leading pet specialist retailer, Pets at Home, the total value of pet retail and services in the UK grew by 7% between 2012 and 2014, taking the market to £6.1 billion (US$10.0 billion). Online sales of pet products over the same period grew by 24.6%, to represent 8.6% of total category sales in 2014. Retail research group Conlumino estimates that the total pet care market in the UK will grow by 9.3% from 2014 to 2019 and that the online pet care market will grow by 43.6% during the same period.


3Meet the needs of targeted user or customer product or service description

For PETSSIFIED Product Sales, a custom built bidding system automatically responds to consumers on their best price. It allows consumers to browse through a diverse catalog system of Products at low prices in one location. An enhanced Version of the Platform will add the Comparative Benchmark from other Competitor Pricing.  The wide range of pet products are sourced from various US vendor and international markets sold on PETSSIFIED. Moreover, pet stores/retailers can also directly source their supplies. PETSSIFIED developed a beneficial platform that works towards the betterment of helping pet owners in our community access a listing that will allow them to choose from a range of brands in high demand. PETSSIFIED wants to facilitate customers to gain access to products with ease, compare product pricing and have the ability to get products delivered directly to their doorsteps by utilizing our vendors drop ship option and also our local distribution networks across the country.

What’s Hot & In:

1-e-Commerce turns up the heat and is disrupting the brick and mortar landscape while they are still resisting the change of the internet world, new players are entering the market and being bought out by industry giants.

2-Amazon dominates online sales (from Grocers, Walmart, Target)

3-Big Box Pet Stores Aim to Diversify and add to their market lines.

4-New Smart Devices Cater to Pet Care

•        Consumer Spending Belts Loosening,

•        Consumer Deal-Seeking Continues

•        E-Commerce / Internet Spurs Top-to-Bottom Market Innovation

•        Internet Drives Sales, Dissolves Channel Boundaries, Automates Tasks, and Brings Pet Parenting to the Next Level

•        Beyond Humanization and Premiumization for consumers

•        Internet/E-commerce Upending Longstanding Retail Dynamics

•        Pet Product Customer Base by Retail Channel

Dog food and cat food have seen 92.2% and 63.2% e-commerce growth, respectively, over the past year. Just over 18% of all dog food sales come from digital shopping, while nearly 13% of consumers turn to the online marketplace when it’s time to feed their felines.  The convenience of automated replenishment as an e-commerce driver in this category because pet owners can schedule deliveries in advance for when supplies are projected to be running low.  Also, pet food is often purchased in large, unwieldy packages that can be a hassle for shoppers to transport after purchasing in a physical store. Having them delivered to their doorstep adds to the draw.  Pet food and supplies are leading shelf-stable’s charge toward the virtual shopping cart.

New Pet Products (a Revenue Generating Line Item) encourages consumers to get the best deal on the market and allow the consumer to feel content with the pricing reduction via an offer.  Once a Product selection is made, the consumer is able to place an OFFER on the Product. The built-in negotiating pricing system determines whether PETSSIFIED will “Accept OFFER, Counter OFFER, or Reject OFFERfrom the Consumer.  The system has built in ceilings and floors for Bid & Offer Management on behalf of between and the Consumer.  System algorithms and parameters can be changed at anytime.

A similar negotiation concept is utilized for the C2C Classified listings section for the consumer “seller” who can negotiate directly with their counterpart consumer “buyer” for used product listings. This is a FREE Service offering on the Platform. 

The Negotiation Process is outlined as follows:

1.         The system will ACCEPT the Consumer Offer “AS IS” if the Offer is made within the pre-determined profit margin for that specific product.   The product is then placed in a cart for purchase at the discounted offer price for the consumer.

2.         The system will “COUNTER” Offer submitted by the Consumer when the placed bid falls below the threshold profit margin and offers the consumer a more acceptable price. The consumer may then either choose to proceed with a higher offer amount or cancel their purchase by not responding to the counteroffer. 

3.        The system may Reject the Offer if the consumer makes an unreasonably low bid and advise the consumer to provide their best offer.

4Project profit model description

1-PETSSIFIED Pet Products (B2C | C2B) Consumers can Search, BUY NOW, Offer (BID NOW) BULK BUY, Schedule BUY, Search & Post Reviews for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Horse, and Farm Animals in the following areas listed below.  There is a gross margin of 55-65% on each product sold by

1.      Pet Feed & Seed,

2.      Toys & Accessories

3.      Fashion

4.      Bedding & Blankets,

5.      Furniture,

6.      Collars, Leashes & Harnesses

7.      Fencing, Cages & Carriers

2-Post & Search Geo Centric Services (B2C)  Service Providers can Post Ad Services  & Consumer can Search, BUY NOW, Offer (BID NOW), Search & Post Reviews  (FREEMIUM Model until after 24 months after we obtain a substantial amount of Service Providers on the platform.  Fee thereafter will be 10/month for posting their Services on our platform)  This includes Service Providers such as:

1.      Pet Grooming & Spas,

2.      Boarding, Daycare & Pet Hotels,

3.      Pet Friend Hotels, 

4.      Pet Travel (Cabin, Cargo & Courier Services)

5.      Pet Walking & Sitting,

6.      Training (K9, Agility, Service, Obedience)

7.      Bakeries & Snackeries,

8.      Pet Insurance

9.      Veterinarians & Emergency Pet Hospitals

10.    Funeral & Cemetery Services,

3-PETSSIFIED Classifieds (C2C) Consumers can Search & POST Ads, BUY NOW, Offer (BID NOW) FREEMIUM model to gain customer base postings

1.      Search & Post Resale of Consumer Pet Products Consumer 2 Consumer MarketPlace

2.      Search & Post a Pet Consumer 2 Consumer

3.      Search & Post Meet Ups & Events

4.      Search Breeders & Animal Rescues

4-Advertising & Promo (M2C) Consumers are educated on the Manufacturer | Distributor Products, Services in Advertising & Bulk Buy Options, Discounts & Coupons - this is a case by case advertising on our platfrom from our vendors such as Bayer, Arm & Hammer, etc.

5.      Manufacturer can advertise Product Position in webpages

6.      Promote Products & Services in webpages

7.      Coupon & Deal Management of their Products & Services offered to

8.      Home Page Feature of the Manufacturer & Distributor for their Products & Services

9.      Sponsor Educational Sponsored Material for Pet Care & Pet Events Animal Rescue, Breeders List for the community.

For PETSSIFIED Product Sales, a custom built bidding system automatically responds to consumers on their best price. It allows consumers to browse through a diverse catalog system of Products at low prices in one location. An enhanced Version of the Platform will add the Comparative Benchmark from other Competitor Pricing.  The wide range of pet products are sourced from various US vendor and international markets sold on PETSSIFIED. Moreover, pet stores/retailers can also directly source their supplies. PETSSIFIED developed a beneficial platform that works towards the betterment of helping pet owners in our community access a listing that will allow them to choose from a range of brands in high demand. PETSSIFIED wants to facilitate customers to gain access to products with ease, compare product pricing and have the ability to get products delivered directly to their doorsteps by utilizing our vendors drop ship option and also our local distribution networks across the country.

5Market main competitors or competitor overview

Competitive Analysis


Chewy (sometimes referred to as is an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products owned by PetSmart and is based in Dania Beach, Florida. The company offers around 30,000 items for dogs and cats. In addition to its headquarters in Florida, Chewy also maintains fulfillment centers in Texas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. It was founded in 2011 and has received $236M in venture capital financing over five rounds from Volition Capital, Mark Vadon, T. Rowe Price, New Horizons Fund, BlackRock, Allen & Co, Verlinvest and Greenspring Associates.

The company has 1,000 plus favorite brands, including Blue Buffalo, Nutro, Natural Balance, and Tidy Cats all from the comfort of home and free delivery (for orders over $49).

Pet smart[2]

PetSmart Inc. is an American retail chain operating in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico that sells pet animal products and services such as dog grooming and dog training, cat and dog boarding facilities, and daycare. PetSmart also offers a variety of small animals for sale and adoption, such as small birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and several different pocket pets, like rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils (except in California), many different species of hamster, and mice. Delivery for purchases over $49 is free.

PetSmart opened for business on August 14, 1986 and opened its first two stores in August 1987 under the name PetFood Warehouse in the Phoenix area. In December 2014, PetSmart was acquired by BC Partners for $8.7 billion.  In May 2017, PetSmart acquired, a leading online retailer of pet food and products in the U.S., which operates as an independent subsidiary.


Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., or simply Petco, is an American privately held pet retailer in the United States, with corporate offices in San Diego and San Antonio. Petco sells pet products and services, as well as certain types of animals. Petco sells and holds fish, reptiles, small birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice for adoption. Pet services include grooming and dog training. The company also owns the naming rights to the Petco Park baseball stadium, which is home of the San Diego Padres.

They operate at more than 1,500 Petco locations across the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico, including

·        more than 80 Unleashed by Petco locations, a smaller format neighborhood shop;

·        prescription services and pet supplies from the leading veterinary-operated pet product supplier, Drs. Foster & Smith;

·        digitally-delivered pet health advice through PetCoach;

·        and

Pet Valu[4]

Pet Valu is a specialty retailer of pet food, treats, toys and accessories with stores located throughout Canada and the U.S. There stores operate under the names Pet Valu®, Paulmac’s Pet Food® and Bosley’s, and together comprise the largest retail operation in Canada dedicated to providing families with food and supplies for dogs, cats, companion birds, wild birds, fish, reptiles and small animals.

Pet Valu offers over 7,000 products, including holistic, national and premium brands of pet foods and treats as well as a wide selection of essential and innovative pet supplies for all budgets, purchased from over 200 suppliers in 11 countries. 





6Core competence of project description

Business Philosophy

We understand that our customers need to have access to economical pet products and services. We want to facilitate the industry as a whole by connecting all the participants in one platform. This will be an online product marketplace where users can access a wide range of vendors, products and services at negotiable prices. Not only will this become an attractive offer for pet owners, but also a marketplace for vendors and merchants to enhance their brand visibility.

Company Profile & Legal Status

ViberTEX, Inc. is  creates Online Negotiation systems and platforms for multiple industries. The company is working on various projects, such as, HomeImprovements.Bid, GreenSolar.BID,, Road.BID, Babies.Bid, INeedIt.BID & Steal.Bid. is the first platform that is ready for market.  The others will follow suit. 

The company and the owner fund & reinvest in these projects by offering it’s consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies that are in the Pre-IPO or Bonding Stage as well as small business organizations that need consulting in Development & Implementation Services, Governance, Risk & Compliance Programs, Documentation  and Internal Audit/Testing Services. ViberTEX, Inc. is a Nevada based Corporation.  Solely owned by Saima Khan, the CEO/President of ViberTEX, Inc.


The short-term and long-term objectives for are:

Keys to Success

PETSSIFIED.COM Online Product Marketplace Features


To use our online product marketplace, users will have to register an account. Account registration only takes a few minutes and requires the user to fill in a form, sharing details about their name, location, address, verify their debit/credit card information and provide details about their pet(s). Registration will allow us to provide users with a more targeted experience, providing suggestions and information about products that would interest them first. For example, someone who owns a cat would be displayed with products and services related to cats. The personalized experience will not only allow the customer to save time and find products faster, but it will also allow us to autofill their delivery information and payment processing so they do not have to do this process every time they want to conduct a transaction.

Registration will also allow us to send notifications and emails to users about promotions and details that may interest them.

Online Product Marketplace will have more than 10,000 pet products listed in its e-store from 64 initially selected vendors (pet products manufacturers and distributors) from local and international markets.

We will offer the following pet products:

After selecting a product that the customer wants to purchase, he/she will be taken to the dedicated product pager where they can read more information about the product and its original price. Once satisfied about the product specification, the customer can place an “OFFER” | “BID” for the product.

The automated bidding system will assess whether the suggested price is reasonable based on a pre-determined profit margin benchmark for each product. If the bid is acceptable, the customer will be prompted to approve the transaction and checkout their product. However, if the bid is unacceptable, the system will make a counter-offer to the consumers “Offer”.  If the customer is satisfied with the “Counter Offer” price, he/she can “ACCEPT” the transaction. However, if the customer is not happy with the suggested price, he/she can simply “REJECT” the “Counter Offer” and select another product.

Customers will be allowed to review/rate products based on their experience. A rating system ensures that products are conforming to a certain quality and also provide other users with a basis to make their purchasing decision. Consumers will also enjoy the benefit of having a “Live Chat” feature for assistance in product selection, product knowledge, issue resolution on their orders or transactions, and information during shopping and shipping.


Pet service providers can list their services on This will be the marketplace to look for variety of negotiable, on-demand and location-based services for pets. Service providers can list their businesses free of cost for the first 24 months, after which, we will charge a monthly fee of $10. This is to provide service providers with room to initiate their services and gain traction on the online product marketplace. Members can include individuals or companies that provide pet services including:

Users can browse through the many service providers that will be listed on the online product marketplace. They can easily connect with the Service Providers to create their own network of Service Providers for the Pet’s needs.  This networking connection of Service Providers increases over time and so does the relationship with the Service Provider.  Similar to purchasing products, users will have the ability to negotiate directly with the Service Provider and place bids on service price. Once a price is determined, the user can schedule the service and visit the service provider.


Classified Listings

Classified listings are a Consumer 2 Consumer (C2C) marketplace that will help pet owners sell their pets and their used pet products at negotiable prices to other pet owners or businesses.

Similar to our pricing strategy for service providers, classified ads will be posted free for the first 24 months and will be charged $10 per month after the first 24 months, if the market will bear this charge.  If not, we will continue on a gratuity basis simply connecting pet parents with pet and pet product owners.

Value Proposition

Business Development

Development Timeline

Strategies and Strategy Implementation

Operational Tasks

The operational tasks related to include:

·        Hiring or outsourcing of additional resources that are required for business and technology development

·        Product and vendor selection

·        Supervision of online product marketplace development and testing each module before moving forward

·        Business relations management (with supply chain, partners and alliances)

Technology Development & Process

ViberTEX, Inc. has an offshore office located in Faisalabad, Pakistan.  This is where the platform was brought to fruition.

There are approximately 8 resources full time working in the development of the platform.   These resources are managed remotely on a daily basis. The resources are Front End Developers, Back End Developers and Product Analysts for uploading of content into the platform.  The Development work starts daily during the evening PST | PDT Time from 8 pm to 4 am.   The plan to begin the consumer comparative Intuitive Pricing Engine with the Bidding Platform will finalize the technology offering to consumers and entice them to find the best prices of Pet related products and services.

COMMUNICATION WITH THE OFFSHORE DEVELOPMENT TEAM: utilizes the Agile Sprint Methodology on a daily basis.  All of the items for discussion are documented formally in the free version of 

The Board includes all aspects of the

1-Development Sprints,

2-Issue Resolution and Bugs,

3-Product, Pricing uploads. 

This Board can be created separately as there is growth within the organization and customers onboarding process for any issue resolution involving customers, orders or order fulfillment aspects.


The organization plans to ramp up the resources in Faisalabad, Pakistan for reasons of containing cost and the knowledge base with the team already exists. will hire

1.      A full time Lead Project Manager onsite in Winnetka, CA

2.      Offshore Development Front End Developers

3.      Offshore Development Back End Developers

4.      Offshore Product Analysts for uploading, change Products and Product Pricing

5.      Procurement & Logistics Manager in the US for Orders that need to be fulfilled, logistics involved to ensure that the products are delivered within the reasonable time periods.

The Development Road Map Process is as follow:

TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTURE is a Software as a Service (SAAS) Platform for (B2B) interaction.  They also provide the e-commerce Retail for B2B, C2B, C2C.  The following is an outline of the Technology Stack:

•        Architecture Layer: Single Layer Architecture, OS Linux 70.0.48

•        Hosting Layer:  Dedicated Linux Server on GoDaddy with Console Monitoring

•        Database Layer:  MySQL (Opensource) – 89 Tables  - DB Schema is available

•        Environments:    Use of 2 instances - Staging | Production for smooth Code Moves | Controlled

•        Presentation Layer: 

o       Front End:  Bootstrap 4 (HTML5, CSS3) Responsive & Jquery (Dataload, Animations, Send request to DB (send and receive data)), Use of a Paid Porto Themeforest

o       Server Side Lanugage:  Object Oriented Technique in PHP 5.6.6

o       Browser Compatibility: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

•        Business Layer:

§  Better Braintree for WooCommerce (Lite)

§  Really Simple SSL

§  Regenerate Thumbnails

§  Slider Revolution

§  WooCommerce

§  WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway

§  WooCommerce PayPal Powered by Braintree Gateway

§  WooCommerce Services

§  WooCommerce UPS Shipping

§  Wordfence Security

§  WP Live Chat Support

§  WPBakery Page Builder

•        Security Layer: SSL Certs on Server, Plugin WordDefence Security 7.1.7 (for CyberSecurity), Nav Menu Roles 1.9.2 (Role Based), reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce

•        Marketing Layer: Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7

•        Performance Layer:  Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdon Website Speed Test

•        Governance, Risk Compliance Layer: 

o       Compliance:  GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation (privacy, confidentiality, and data protection filed May 24th 2018)

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is a registered Trademark with the USPTO in the final stages of open contestation which will be over by July 3rd 2018.  Trademark USPTO # 87772947

IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Retail pet stores. FIRST USE: 20170101. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20170101IC 044. US 100 101.

G & S: Providing on-line information via the Internet in the fields of animals and pets, relating to breeding, selection of the animals and pets, grooming, feeding and nutrition. FIRST USE: 20170801. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20170801

IC 045. US 100 101. G & S: Providing an on-line searchable database featuring pet adoption organizations and pets available for adoption. FIRST USE: 20170801. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20170801


We have registered the domain name

Additional Pet Domains registered and owned by ViberTEX, Inc.





















The suppliers are mainly pet products manufacturers or distributors that provide local or international pet food brands in North American markets. There are currently 64 vendors and suppliers for pet food, pet accessories and related products who will be registered with

Among these vendors, 10 will be delivering via dropship model. This not only helps to reduce the operational costs, but it also saves time in logistics. Faster delivery leads to better customer satisfaction. It will be ensured that suppliers do not delay deliveries by adding a clause that ordered products are delivered within 3-5 working days.

The Major Distributors who approved as a Consumer based on credit, value, platform, and concept of an online platform are:

UNITED PACIFIC PET – Western Region Distribution Chanel of Premium and Brand Foods & Care Products for all pets. Ability to obtain branded Feed and Seed is possible with this Distributor.  Within this partnership & alliance, has been approved by the following 19 Vendors at UPP including:  Bayer, America’s Choice, Antler’s Chews, APN My Little, Bravo, Canu Pet Food, Dr. Elsey’s, Evanger, Ianaba Ciao, Lifeline, Modesto Milling, NextGen, PlaqueOff, Pro Collar, PureBites, RedBard, SoJob, SOJOS, StallDry, StandLee, WunderCat

There are another 30 manufacturer’s pending approval at UPP based on the relationship we have built with the organization’s Sales & Marketing Team, the COO, and the President of United Pacific Pets.

6/8/2018 – UNITED PACIFIC PETS & meeting onsite regarding the following Partnership opportunities with the President of UPP, Maureen Costello.  Saima Khan & Terry Burton’s discussion was focused on UPP coming up to speed with the following items:

1.      Dropship feature with and UPP,

2.      Improved Vendor Product Catalogs provided,

3.      Easy Price Change Methodology,

4.      Improved Technology Integration for UPP with,

5.      Possible Integration with and UPP systems for real-time visibility of the inventory levels quantities and lead times,

6.      Revenue Generation for Advertising & Promotional Product Positioning of UPP Vendors on the Platform. 

The President Maureen was very much interested in the partnership activities and discussed having a roadmap created for the success of the partnership.

This Distributor has approximately 5000 products for sale under PETSSIFIED.  Some are duplicate of Animal Supply Company however, this gives a leverage to select which distributor they want to take the product at the best price rate the distributor will provide.  So has options on who to give their business to.

ANIMAL SUPPLY CO – one of the largest in the nation of Premium Brand Foods, Care Products for all pets.  Saima attempted to visit the Corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas however, the resources were not available.  Another date is scheduled to meet with this Distributor in the near future in the California distribution warehouse.

This distributor allows for 11,700 products that are on the platform ready for sale.

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