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EndoPRO Solutions Project Description:

We are developing a non-surgical weight loss medical device that is safe, effective, affordable, and reversible performed as an outpatient procedure in about 30 minutes using a standard gastroscope and sedation. Our technology is patent protected and uniquely combines two clinically proven weight loss methods. 

Millions of people struggle with obesity and all the health hazards associated including diabetes, arthritis, and sleep disorders. Furthermore, obesity is linked to heart disease, blood clots and various cancers. Fad diets and exercise programs are typically not sustainable. Medications often provide short-term benefits and risks. Drastic surgery is expensive and irreversible with anesthesia risk and surgical complications. 

EndoPRO Solutions is focused on creating an alternative to surgery that will provide all the weight loss benefits with virtually no risk at a fraction of the cost.

Obesity is a significant problem in the U.S. and world. 15 million people in the U.S. alone are morbidly obese with only 200,000 people per year seeking drastic and risky surgery for help. More than 98% of this group would be potentially amenable to a non-surgical alternative representing a vast and lucrative market.  Our medical weight loss device is 65-85% less expensive than the cost of surgery further driving consumers to our product. 

We have a complete and detailed product development plan that will require capital in our Series A round which will start with bread-boarding, prototype development and conclude with animal studies over 21 months. 

Our medical device product has 95% gross profit margins on $5,000 average product sales price per unit. If we capture only 25% of the current surgery market per year, then 50,000 devices sold would produce $250 million in gross sales the first year!

Early discussions with major corporations have expressed interest in our unique technology and may opt to acquire our company at a premium valuation once we demonstrate promising weight loss results in a handful of patients.

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