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About me

SCS Fixtures Inc., purchased the assets of Rai-Mart, the company formed by Jacque Descent (a Montreal businessman, now deceased), Mr. Jean Langevine (a French businessman) and Sir. Allan Raimer (a Romanian businessman) with the intention of creating the world cleanest safest toilet. Over the years thousands of toilets were sold both in Europe and North America but an unfortunate fire destroyed the main plant outside of Montreal ending all commercial production. SCS Fixtures Inc is committed to continue and expand the production of enhanced self-cleaning fixtures and and distribute them worldwide.

I want to do

It is our goal to create a safe environment in every bathroom, bacteria and virus free.  Our high blaze fixtures require next to no cleaning, have an antimicrobial surface and clean them selves at the touch of a button.  Our toilets clean, sanitize and deodorize  the seat, bowl and tank every flush and neutralize toilet plumes as well.  Our new app allows you to check device components and order your sink, tub and toilet to clean themselves from anywhere in the world.  Our Pure Light system will kill every gem on every surface in your bathroom in minutes, hands free.  Less work, no germs and a better life for everyone.

Why do I need your support

Although SCS Fixtures, is essentially debt free, with approximately one million in assets, owns its own technology and molds it needs your help to rebuild the factory that burnt and start producing products to fulfill the commitments on hand.  It presently has potential orders, needs a plant, for many times its production ability in the first three years.

I promise and rewards

We offer every investor a free Version II  toilet for every $1,500 US dollars, a $2,000+ dollar retail product, our competition is twice that.  These will be shipped within 90 days of closing this offer.   Each toilet will be embossed with your name on it, signed by the technician that assembled it and is totally hand built for you.  The company will only produce 500 toilets for this offer.

- How many toilets do you have potential orders for?
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Pledged Failed
Goal $750,000
Duration Expired
Backers 0
Project Deadline:2018-10-31
Pledge $1,500 0 Backers
One FREE toilet per $1,500 investment, multiples accepted.
Dividend: $1500
Estimated Delivery: 60days
Pledge $1,500
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