UltraStat 3mm MiniLS
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UltraStat 3mm MiniLS Project Description:
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Company City: Established: 2014-02-13
# of Employees: 5 Tags: UltraStat
Company Name: Novuson Surgical Address: 11824 North Creek Parkway N, Suite 103

Business Description

Novuson has developed the next generation of advanced energy surgical devices that reduces surgical complications, improving patient outcomes, and decrease healthcare costs. The UltraStat 3mm MiniLS is a vessel sealer/divider that will disrupt the surgical paradigm by providing superior performance without all of the harmful side effects of existing technologies. Novuson's technology provides superior sealing/dividing with no smoke plume or collateral damage. This reduces complicated due to collateral damage which improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.
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Project Deadline:2018-09-30
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